Outdated voting machines spark election worries in Nebraska

Published 11-21-2018

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LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - Nebraska's vote-counting machines are outdated and becoming increasingly difficult to repair, but lawmakers who want to replace them still need to figure out how to cover the cost.

The last time state officials purchased equipment, in 2006, they had federal funding that was approved in response to the 2000 presidential election. Nebraska received another $3.5 million earlier this year, but that isn't enough to cover the estimated $12.6 million replacement costs.

Many states are in a similar predicament and hope to avoid the recount problems that plagued states like Florida in this month's election.

Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale says state officials can probably continue with its current equipment through 2020, but beyond that, they'll be "in more of a crisis mode."

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